How I got into Asian Dramas

Domo, Say It Ain’t So Joe desu.



Asian drama addict


For the last six years, Asian dramas have been a constant source of joy in my life. They’ve kept the serotonin in my brain flowing at a healthy level with their unique style of humor, philosophy, and story telling.  Often I have been cheered up, inspired, and relieved of my stress by watching dramas. I am very glad that I have discovered them. “But how did you discover them?” you might ask.

Well, one day I was really bored

So I went on the internets and found a movie called Shinobi

 Shinobi was pretty cool so I looked around (R.I.P) to see if there was anything else interesting to watch. I saw all these foreign shows and at first I was like, “This is weird…”

But then I saw that some of them were live action versions of anime so I decided to check out Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

Like Sunako in the gif above, my heart was struck by the awesomeness of dramas. I no longer thought they were weird. Instead I thought they were awesome!

Now 300 + dramas later you might say that I’m an addict

But at least I’m having fun


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